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Eloise is a dynamically growing creative community. It connects freelancer creators with their potential customers.

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After you have registered to Eloise as a Creator, you will immediately get your very own portfolio completely free of charge. Furthermore, less then in 5 minutes, you will also be able to publish your very first post and start growing your audience.

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Join the community of professional creators, who can inspire you day by day. By uploading your best references to Eloise, it will be displayed on the best platform and your potential customers can find you during their search.

You only have to focus on your job, we do the rest!

Instead of watching tutorial videos about how to succeed in social media campaigns, why don’t you learn how to get better in lightning? Or composing? We are trying to get you as many customers as possible, this way we take a remarkable weight off your shoulder.

A system that is based on trust!

As a freelancer, it’s not easy for you. You need a huge amount of energy for your creative processes and you would appreciate reliable clients. Eloise is a transparent system in which not only your customers will rate you, but you also rate them. So your efforts will surely be rewarding.

A few words about our commission-based system

In order to operate sustainably for a long-term, Eloise requires highly trained professionals to design and develop the site, for the benefit of our users. To finance our operation, we figured out a commission-based system. However, why would you pay for something that is not yours yet? You only have to pay the commission of your order, when you agreed with your customer. The commission at Eloise is 10% of the accepted sum.

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Attila Őzse

Co-founder / CEO

Benjámin Nagy

Co-founder / Head of Technology

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Eloise is founded by Attila Őzse and Benjámin Nagy. They consider this site as the fusion of their knowledge. The most determining motivation in developing this site is the love of the process. The motivation comes from the way, what they experience during the adventure.

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We work with unique solutions with our corporate customers. Write us a few sentences about the job, and our team selects the most suitable photographer for you. We will do everything for you, from administration to project management. If you want to choose the creator you want to work with, browse among our photographers.
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